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Want to earn great returns?

Lend with Flender

  • You set the interest rate
  • Auto-invest using Flender autobid feature
  • Earn compound interest
  • Enjoy great returns while helping great businesses expand
  • Quick, secure and transparent
  • Legal framework underpinning all deals

Want smart business finance?

Crowd Finance with Flender

  • You set the interest rate
  • Faster than any other finance
  • We bring the Flender crowd to you
  • We also market it to your crowd!
  • You get to reward your customers
  • Your business and customer loyalty will increase
  • 100% online and paperless

Why Flender? Vs Banks

  • Flender brings you a loyal crowd
  • Your customers share in your success
  • Your customers become more loyal
  • You get better interest rates
  • Faster and easier
  • 100% online and paperless

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