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As part of the Flender community, we understand that you may have questions for us at this time. As always, we’re here to support you and answer your queries. The best way to reach is to email us at info@flender.ie and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Some of your questions may also be answered here.

Why Invest with Flender?

  • Support Irish businesses and create new jobs
  • Monthly interest and capital repayments
  • Easily invest with AutoFlend
  • Manage your own portfolio
  • Live investment dashboard
  • No fees for lenders

“Flender’s product and website work great and I visit regularly.
Crucially there is a regular stream of opportunities available which allows the investor to diversify.”

James Lane, Opentable

  • AutoFlend

With AutoFlend you can automatically lend money to businesses matching your criteria

  • Build your investment portfolio automatically
  • Reduce risk by diversifying investments
  • Earn compound interest on your loans
  • Lend automatically to live loans
  • ReFlend

Earn even more with Flender’s referral program

  • Invite friends to Flender and we’ll top up your account with 5.0% of any investments they make in their first 30 days
  • For every €1,000 your friends invest you could earn €50

Lent to
Irish businesses


Amount of


Irish jobs

1.8% Default


Almost anyone can become a lender on Flender. To become a lender you need to meet the following criteria:
  1. You must be over 18 and a have valid passport or driving licence
  2. You must have a valid bank account available
  3. You must take responsibility for your own tax affairs and report to your country’s regulatory authorities as necessary.

There is no cap on the total you can lend to businesses on Flender. You can lend from €50 to €300,000 on each loan request although investors typically create a diverse portfolio to spread risk across a range of loans.
Interest rates available through Flender can vary depending on type of campaign and the rate the borrower is willing to pay.

The potential return shown on Flender is the current average interest rate charged to borrowers. It is also the rate that is used to calculate the repayments that are made to lenders like you. The nature of loans though, is that they decrease in value as they are paid off, and returns decrease too.

Mitigating against decreasing returns is easy with Flender though. All you have to do is reinvest your repayments into new loans - just like the banks do - and you'll keep your money earning, take advantage of compound interest, and maximise your returns. And you'll be helping Irish businesses to grow too.

And with AutoFlend, reinvesting is easy. You just set the criteria that work for you and AutoFlend automatically places bids for you whenever a loan meeting your preferences appears on the Flender Marketplace.
With Flender, you can lend to limited companies, sole traders and partnerships seeking loans of between €500 and €20,000.
We carefully review all potential borrowers and only approve their applications if they have successfully completed affordability and credit checks. All business loans are secured with directors’ personal guarantees and a security deposit.
The credit team at Flender evaluates each borrower in detail for affordability and creditworthiness, as with traditional lending institutions. We also analyse credit information obtained from Credit Safe and Stubbs Gazette, along with a detailed cash flow and VAT return analysis.
We carefully review all potential borrowers and only approve their applications if they have successfully completed affordability and credit checks. All business loans are secured with directors’ personal guarantees.
First, register as an investor on Flender and choose the campaign(s) that you would like to lend to from the Flender Marketplace. You can then transfer your funds to those campaigns. You can also invest quickly and automatically in companies that meet your criteria using our AutoFlend feature.
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  • Safe

    Your data is safe and checking your eligibility for a Flender loan won't affect your credit score

  • Transparent

    Our rates and fees are clear

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