The joy of lending

Invest in your connections and become part of their success

  • Better return on your investment
  • Set your own interest rate
  • Invest in businesses and people that mean something to you
  • Mobile and seamless
  • Hassle-free with no awkwardness
  • Paperless process


  • Interest rate set by you
  • Generates loyalty and trust
  • Get the return you want
  • Fast & no paperwork
  • Personal


  • No flexibility
  • No loyalty whatsoever
  • Poor return (if any) on your savings
  • Slow & mountains of paperwork
  • Impersonal

Share in someone else’s success

Flender is a revolutionary way to lend money. It’s friendly, convenient and backed by credit and affordability checks and the legal framework you need.

  1. Sign-up

    Complete your details [how much you want to lend? What interest rate you want to set?]

  2. Lend

    When you find the right fit between yourself and the borrower, it couldn’t be simpler. You submit your amount and interest rate offered and if accepted you can start benefitting from the repayments, as well as the gratitude and strengthened bond between you and your fiend or business.

Flender is the money app to replace loan companies with your social network.

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